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Scholarships help you focus on what's important. Namely, getting that college degree — not how you'll pay for it.

Army ROTC Scholarships

Whether you're a college-bound high school student or already attending a college or university, Army ROTC has scholarships available ranging from 4 years to 2 years. There are only two ways to earn a 4 year scholarship; the National High School Scholarship Program and the Minutman Campaign. We only offer 3 year scholarships at the university level.

Scholarships are awarded based on the Scholar/Athlete/Leader Criteria, not financial need. There are three different scholarships available to compete for. The Military Service Obligation is based off of whether the Cadet is contracted scholarship or non-scholarship, and which component (Regular Army National Guard or Army Reserve) the Cadet commissions into.

  • The Federal Scholarship

    This is the baseline for all of our scholarships. This scholarship includes the National High School Scholarship. Recipients are eligible to compete for the Regular Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve. Enlisted Soldiers in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve are not authorized to receive the benefits of the Federal Scholarship while they are serving their enlistment contract.

    • 100% tuition/fees OR room/board ($5,000/semester)
    • $1,200/year book allowance
  • The Nurse Scholarship

    The Colleges of Nursing at Illinois State University, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Bradley University are designated as Centers of Excellence by the Army for their high NCLEX pass rates, curriculum, faculty/staff, etc. Nursing students at one of these designated Centers of Excellence receive priority for nursing scholarships. Students must be accepted into the university's nursing program, Army ROTC does not have it's own nursing program. For more information please visit our Nurse page.

    • 100% tuition/fees OR room/board ($5,000/semester)
    • $1,200/year book allowance
    • $650 one-time payment for clinical supplies
    • NCLEX Prep Course reimbursement
    • NCLEX reimbursement
    • Brigade Nurse Counselor
  • The Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) Scholarship

    This category covers different types of scholarships; GRFD-2 year scholarship, Dedicated Guard/Reserve-3 year scholarships, and the Minuteman Scholarship-4 year scholarship. All recipients are required to be enlisted in the Army National Guard or the Army Reserve. Cadets will either commission into the Army National Guard or the Army Reserve. Regular Army is not an option. State Tuition Assistance may be used in conjunction with these types of scholarships. Please visit the GRFD page for more information.

    GRFD-2 year. Do not have to elect Army National Guard or Army Reserve until MS IV year.

    • 100% tuition/fees OR room/board ($5,000/semester)
    • $1,200/year book allowance
    • E5 pay grade
    • Eligible to retain GI Bill if completed AIT
    • Eligible to receive the SMP Kicker Bonus ($350/month) if completed AIT

    Dedicated Army National Guard/Reserve-3 year. Must elect either the Army National Guard or Army Reserve at the time the scholarship packet is being submitted.

    • 100% tuition/fees OR room/board ($5,000/semester)
    • $1,200/year book allowance
    • E5 pay grade
    • NOT eligible to retain GI Bill

    Minuteman Scholarship-4 year. Enlisted Soldiers in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve can be nominated for this type of scholarship by their unit, a recruiter, Army ROTC, the Civilian Aid to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) or the Army Reserve Ambassador (ARA).

    • 100% tuition/fees OR room/board ($5,000/semester)
    • $1,200/year book allowance
    • E5 pay grade
    • NOT eligible to retain GI Bill

Monthly Stipend

The $420 monthly stipend is awarded to ALL contracted scholarship and non-scholarship Cadets. The ROTC stipend is tax free and is paid up to ten months each year.

To Apply:

The scholarship packet due dates and deadlines for the Battalion and Brigade Scholarship Boards are posted at the beginning of each school year. Each applicant will work with Mr. DeMarb ( to apply. Please read our Scholarship Standard Operating Procedure for more information about each type of scholarship, our procedures, and assessments.

There is a lot that goes into the scholarship process; paperwork, Army Physical Fitness Test, medical determination, Professor of Military Science assessment, eligibility requirements, etc. Applicants are assessed off of the Scholar/Athlete/Leader criteria. Applicants must understand that they will accrue a military service obligation of eight years after college if they accept a scholarship.

A good starting point for those who are interested in competing for a scholarship is to determine if you want to compete for a commission in the Regular Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

Once we've narrowed down your path then we can focus on what is required in order to compete for that type of scholarship. There are additional forms required for Army National Guard and Army Reserve Scholarships. *MEPS Physicals may be used for medical determination as long as the student is contracted with Army ROTC within one year from the date of the medical exam, and has graduated from Basic Combat Training.

The minimum SAL criteria required to compete for our financial incentives are:

  • Scholar: cumulative GPA of a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale and either a 19 ACT score or a 1000 SAT score
  • Athlete: 180 points (60 points in each event; 2 minute push up, 2 minute sit up, 2 mile run) on the Army Physical Fitness Test
  • Leader: memberships to club/organizations, volunteer time, work, enlistment, etc.
  • High School Students - If you think Army ROTC may be right for you but have some questions, we can help you find the answers.
  • College Students - There are several options available to those who are already in college and are now considering Army ROTC.
  • Enlisted Soldiers - Ready to make the switch to becoming an Officer? Explore your options.
  • Looking to commission in the Army National Guard or the Army Reserves? The Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) Scholarship or the Dedicated Guard/Reserve Scholarship may be right for you.

Tuition Waivers:

  • Illinois State University Army ROTC receives 40 Illinois State Tuition Waivers each year. If awarded, 100% tuition and the General Activity fee will be waived for the semester it was awarded in. Upon acceptance of the tuition waiver, the commitment is only to the Department of Military Science for the semester it is awarded in. Students can reapply every semester as long as eligibility requirements are met and maintained. Please visit our Tuition Waiver page for the application and the eligibility requirements.
  • Community College Transfer Waivers are awarded by the Community College to students who are transferring to a public university with an Army ROTC program. This waiver is good for up to 4 semesters and will waive 100% tuition and the General Activity fee.

Private university Scholarship Opportunity:

Charles C. Schlom Book Award:

The 1LT Charles C. Schlom Book Scholarship is given annually to an ROTC cadet, who maintains a 3.0 grade point average, and who shows great promise in both leadership and the ability to become a United States Army Officer. The scholarship is named in honor of 1LT Charles C. Schlom, World War II veteran and recipient of the Combat Infantry Badge, Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medals. *The Scholarship is funded by his son, Lieutenant Colonel Charles M. Schlom, Ret., Class of 1984.

* This award is given from a private donor and is subject to change on an annual basis. The scholarship is not funded by the Army, Cadet Command, Illinois State University or the Illinois State University Redbird Battalion.

Civilian-Sponsored Scholarship Programs:

The Civilian Sponsored Scholarship Programs (CSSP) is a dual effort between Head Quarters United States Army Cadet Command and volunteer civilian organizations to recognize and reward stellar Cadet performance. Head Quarters Cadet Command receives applications, establishes an order of merit list, and notifies the civilian organizations of the selected winners. The civilian organization coordinates with the awardees, their Professors of Military Science, and universities for the presentation and awarding of the scholarship.

For more information about what Army ROTC has to offer please visit Cadet Command's website