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Alumni Gallery

We did some digging around and found some old photos. These must have been the early recruiting flyers! Any information on these would be greatly appreciated.

  • Chris Buoscio with the Daily Vidette took this picture of then Freshman, Charles Leong, as he pulls himself along the one rope bridge while training for Ranger Challenge.

  • Paul Beaty with the Daily Vidette took the picture of the Drill team practicing. The other picture is of the Ranger Challenge Team.

  • We found these two pictures of a commissioning ceremony. UPDATE!! The Guest Speaker pictured in these photos is Gen. John M. Shalikashvili, the 13th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Gen Shalikashvilli, graduated from Bradley University. The Ceremony was held at Bradley.

  • Mark Sauer with the Daily Vidette took this picture of the one rope bridge during ISU's Quad Fest. Harold T. Burks II is pictured crossing the bridge.

  • These two pictures are of the Color Guard and Rifle Club. It looks like there is an Iriquois Helicopter in the background of the Color Guard photo along with the same silver helmets and ascots our Color Guard Team uses today! Those rifles are still here but no longer used; the only time they leave the safe is for inventory.

  • Cadets Chuck Worley and Julie Bonczkiewicz are the "faces" of Army ROTC after they attended ROTC summer camps.

  • Same picture of Cadets Chuck Worley and Julie Bonczkiewicz was used for the university catalog. LTC (Ret) Julie Spanton said "The cadre made me wear my hair down which bugged me because it wasn't "legal" so as you can see by the picture, I didn't try to make it look nice!"

If interested in donating ANY ROTC related items (i.e. clothing, rank, patches, photos, text books, academic papers, etc.) please email Illinois State University Archives.